Welcome to MachTools

Why Choose Us?

1. We offer solutions; equipment selling is secondary.

With good understanding of manufacturing technology, we examine the overall process and endeavor to deliver the desired end result. Our OEM are mostly of EU & USA origin, thus assuring a quality product with consistent and safe performance.

2. Productivity by Quality

We believe that a quality product improves the productivity, true to our tag line “Productivity by Quality” .

3. ATBM (Average Time Between Maintenance)

Last but not the least, we aim to minimize ATBM (Average Time Between Maintenance) by offering reliable and quality products with optimization of process to achieve end results at competitive per unit cost.

4. Segments Catered

A good surface requirement is need of every sector. Depending upon the requirement, we suggest different process. It must be observed that each process and equipment will have its salient feature and also limitations. The Services page provide some guidelines. Please refer to that if in doubt, or ask.


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