C.M. commenced its activities as a supplier of foundry equipment including blast cleaning machines. However, very early on all efforts were dedicated to blast cleaning and shot peening equipment and to associated dust collection systems. Ever since, the ranges and models of machines built by C.M. has continued to grow. Test

Rotary-table shot blasting machines can easily be incorporated in diversified machining, adapting to the treatment of various parts of different shape and type. They can be equipped with fixtures and accessories built according to the pieces to be treated.

This type of machine is particularly suitable for shot blasting of small parts loaded in bulk. A special anti-abrasive rubber belt arranged as a cradle receives the pieces to be treated and with its movement maintains them in a constant tumble. The pieces are hit by the jet of abrasive generated by the turbine, and by continuously changing position, they receive the shot blasting treatment extremely uniformly on all the surfaces.

Monorail shortblasting machine with automatic workload advancement.The monorail may be built in different shapes.Particularly suitable for treatment of medium-large articles,also of complex shape,hanged individually or in clusters on special fixtures.

Magnetic safety system control for turbine lock.Remote control to regulate the separation efficiency separating “good” media from impurities (undersized media and dust). Minimum media level sensing probe. Antistatic electrical connection for electricity downcharge.