Air Assisted / Nozzle Type Shot Blasting and Shot Peening Machines

The future has 40 years of history: For four decades, Norblast Group has been synonymous with vision, innovation, and evolution in the world of high technology surface treatments, primarily for Shot Peening Solutions and Services.There is no such thing as a standard solution that is truly effective. Manufacturing high-quality sandblasting and shot-peening machines means – above all – fully understanding the specific requirements of each customer and the business they operate in. Norblast strive to identify what customers really need and then accordingly design a complete, targeted, concrete solution.

Small-size manual machines integrated with dust suction and filtration system. User friendly and simple to install.

Tumblers are perfect for small metal hardware parts

Modular machines that can easily be configured for fully manual operation or for completely automated operation.

Equipped with a pressure blasting system that ensures operating power and speed up to 5 times higher than the standard vacuum system.

Specifically designed for processing metal hardware parts, also suitable for tapered and streamlined components.

The Satellite family consists in automatic machines designed for large batches of standard components. From 2 to 4 workstations allow parts loading/unloading from outside in masked time.